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What do I do with this image ?

Sometimes I'm pretty bad at planning in advance the type of shots I am aiming for. This approach has resulted in both great sessions and very poor ones. In future I will try and be more disciplined, possibly planning at least the first couple of hours followed by a period where the model and I just go with whatever occurs to us on the spot.

Here's an example of a shot I took with Pitchy. There was no planning and no direction to the model. She took it upon herself to adopt a shocked look.

Most of my work ends up on social media and so I needed to come up with something that would cover her bits and bobs. This was my initial attempt.

Lockdown has had me looking through old shoots and seeing if I could do anything new.

Although mildly amusing, my first attempt doesn't really convey any sort of eroticism and so I decided to have another attempt.

This time I mapped a texture to her body and positioned some fencing in front to ward off the censors. I also grunged it up a bit.

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