21 Oct 2019

May seems to be one of the most popular models on the Bangkok circuit at the moment and has a huge following.  She's also very kind hearted and brought me a present, a piece of artwork from Burma which I have had to ask someone to look after for me as it was too big to...

18 Oct 2019

Managed to cram in another shoot with Gey before we both shot off on our respective flights.  It was just as productive as the first one I'm glad to say.

12 Oct 2019

Maybe we were both still suffering from the bikini shoot day (see 'A Day to Forget' entry), but my mojo deserted me on this shoot. Nuan was as good as ever but I couldn't muster any inspiration.

11 Oct 2019

Gey is a new model for me. She was very easy to work with and a lot of fun. The film 'Joker' had just been released so I had a bit of fun with one of her pics ... I think she forgave me.

8 Oct 2019

The always bubbly (viz: can't keep still) Maew came for a second shoot. Between this and her last shoot she had experienced a man trying to break into her apartment and was a bit spooked about it all.  She talked about buying a gun .... I and others managed to dissuade...

6 Oct 2019

I don't really like taking bikini photos and not terribly keen on beaches either.  I've got some friends who are masters at this type of photography and so I am happy to leave it to them.

So, when I was asked to take some as a favour to a friend, I agreed reluctantly.


21 Sep 2019

First time shoot with Sara. Always a little strange first time you shoot with someone, but I think we did quite well.  Certainly look forward to shooting with her again.

17 Sep 2019

Always demands a bottle of Chang as her 'rider' but never finishes it.  No matter, I get the shots anyway.

Here are some.

14 Sep 2019

A regular shoot with Ani is always something I look forward to.  She brings out my creative edge.

Here are a few shots.

13 Sep 2019

Always a popular model, I shot again with May before she headed back home.

More shots to follow.

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